AlgoDx granted CE mark for AI-powered sepsis prediction software

Swedish company, AlgoDx has been granted a CE mark for NAVOY® Sepsis, its AI-powered sepsis prediction software.

About AlgoDX

AlgoDx is a clinical stage medical device software company developing a portfolio of novel machine learning algorithms that can predict disease or worsening of disease. Focus areas include sepsis, acute kidney injury, inflammatory bowel disease and hepatitis B.

What is NAVOY® Sepsis?

NAVOY Sepsis is a prediction algorithm based on machine learning that uses only clinical variables routinely collected in Electronic Healthcare Records.

How is NAVOY® Sepsis intended to assist medical staff?

The medical device is intended to assist medical staff at Intensive Care Units (ICU) to predict sepsis in adult ICU patients.

“The real benefits of 24/7 bedside monitoring of sepsis risk are the clinical implications of faster diagnosis and monitoring, given that, in sepsis treatment, the time factor is critical.”

Andreas Macura, Chief Product Officer, AlgoDX
Next Steps

According to the AlgoDX website, the next step is clinical validation of the device.


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