The NIHRIO launches Scanmedicine, a cloud based CT and medical device database

The National Institute for Health Research’s Innovation Observatory (NIHRIO) at Newcastle University, has launched a database of clinical trials and approved medical devices, diagnostics and digital tools.

Scanmedicine uses cloud-based services to collate and present the most up-to-date data in a readily accessible format. It is is a highly innovative tool that provides users with the ability filter results by trial type, phase, registry and more, as well as being able to view their search as visualisations and infographics for a ‘quick-look’ version of their results.

A free resource for researchers, clinicians and members of the public, the database:

  • draws from 11 major clinical trial databases across the globe.
  • pulls information on medical devices, diagnostics and digital apps from the FDA database.
  • allows users to effortlessly access up-to-date information about what research is in progress in their area of interest, and what new medicines, devices and diagnostics are on the horizon.

Newcastle University website

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