ABPI launches 2021 pharmaceutical industry Code of Practice

The UK ABPI has launched its 2021 pharmaceutical industry Code of Practice.

The 2021 Code of Practice comes into force from 1 July, alongside new ABPI Principles to help companies operate to high ethical standards. You can view more information on the Code of Practice here, including introduction to the 2021 Code of Practice and a comparison of the 2021 Code and 2019 Code Clauses.

The ABPI Code of Practice is the industry’s commitment to operate in a professional, ethical, and transparent manner, for the benefit of patients and the public. It is independently administered by the Prescription Medicines Code of Practice Authority (PMCPA).

Some new elements increase transparency and others will help companies work together with the NHS within an ethical framework to improve patient care. All the changes are intended to help the industry continue to uphold high standards. The requirements in the existing Code already go above and beyond the law.

The ABPI is also putting increased emphasis on the ABPI Principles, which sit alongside the Code. They are key to how the industry operates and essential in building trust. All companies are expected to embed them in their organisations. 

The principles are:

• Benefitting patients
• Acting with integrity
• Promoting transparency
• Treating everyone with respect

Changes to the code concern the following areas:

  • Layout
  • Working with the NHS
  • Contracted services
  • Changes to Medical and Educational Goods and Services (MEGS) 
  • Impact of the pandemic 

Further information on each of the above headings is available here.

Source: ABPI website