Information and updates on AI based chatbots and search engines

Last updated: 13 May 2024

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This post is an attempt to provide basic information on some Artificial Intelligence (AI) based chatbots or search engines.

Chatbot/search engineCompanyAccess via website?Access available via mobile app?Paid Subscription version available?Does it provide references with responses to each prompt?Notes and/or Updates
GeminiGoogleYesIt is being rolled out now. It is called Gemini advanced and is being rolled out now.Sometimes provides links to relevant websites, articles, or studies, with responses to a promptProvides three Draft responses to each question/prompt.

Google changed the name of its chatbot from Bard to Gemini on 8 Feb 2024.

On 10 April 2204, Google released its official Gemini for Google Workspace Prompt Guide entitled ‘Prompting guide 101’ which you can download here.
ChatGPTopen.aiYesYesYes, ChatGPT PlusNoOn 13 May, Open AI announced the launch of GPT-4o, an iteration of the GPT-4 model that powers ChatGPT. Watch this clip from 9 min onwards. Further information is available here.

The database in the free version currently stops at January 2022 and uses GPT 3.5 architecture.

Paid version uses GPT 4.0 architecture.

Comparison of GPT 3.5 vs 4.0
ClaudeAnthropicYesNoYes, Claude Pro.NoClaude 3 was launched on 4 March 2024.

The latest generation of the popular chatbot and AI model comes in three versions, Opus, Sonnet and Haiku, each serving different markets and purposes. 

Opus powers the paid-for version of the Claude chatbot, Sonnet the free version and Haiku is a cheaper to run model available for third-party developers.

You can read more about Claude 3 here (article from Tom’s guide) and here (article from The Verge).
MicrosoftYesYesYes, Copilot ProNormally provides references with a response to each prompt. Used to be called New Bing (Microsoft).

Using the Bing or Copilot app on your mobile phone, gives you the opportunity to search using GPT 4.0.

Copilot is also available for Microsoft 365 although this requires a subscription. Here, you can see the latest updates

Perplexityperplexity.aiYesYesYes, Perplexity Pro.Normally provides references with a response to each prompt.
Zephyr 7B BetaHugging faceYesNoNoSometimes
GroqGroqYesNoNoNoNote that this is Groq (not to be confused with Elon Musk’s chatbot, Grok ).

More information on Groq here.
Try both models to see which one gives you a faster response to your prompt(s)
PhindPhindYes NoYes, Phind ProYes

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13 May 2024Added information on Open AI announcement concerning launch of GPT-4o.
16 Apr 2024Added link to official Gemini for Google Workspace Prompt Guide.
4 Mar 2024Added information on the launch of Claude 3.
25 Feb 2024Added information on Phind.
21 Feb 2024Added information on Groq.
18 Feb 2024Information added on Copilot for Microsoft 365

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